Julie Behrends

Mother of two boys, 10 and 8, who are active in football, baseball and wrestling. Grew up in the country and has recently moved back to the country after living in Omaha. Interested in staying active, spending time with my old friends and making new ones, brainstorming and sharing ideas with like minded individuals, my family and my faith. She works at Blue Cross Blue Shield of Nebraska in Omaha as an Enterprise Process Optimization Consultant.

Melanie Dawkins

Melanie is self-employed after recently leaving the media industry. She’s a wife and a mother of two young children. It is her goal to empower readers to take charge of their money, spend it wisely and keep more of it in their wallets. She posts new articles each day that will help you save around the house, fill your pantry and stay organized! In addition to the deals you’ll find on her site, Fiscal Family,  and that she posts on social media, she also teach classes and offers one-on-one family budget counseling.

Gretchen Garrison

Gretchen Garrison is a happily married homeschool mom of four who is glad that her family goes along with her travel adventures.  Starting her blog, Odyssey Through Nebraska, came about when she realized that not all area families were exploring the Nebraska places that she and her kids tended to frequent.  This has led to her writing for several local publications as well.  Her goal is to continue to do more freelance writing about what she loves: her faith, her family and stories about the people & places in her state.  Besides watching Husker sports, her annual goal is watching every single March Madness basketball tournament game.  (Due to scheduling and lack of cable, that never happens).  A good day for her is one that includes her family, a good book, dark chocolate and a frosty can of Dr. Pepper.

Emmy Gorman

Lover of coffee, food that I didn’t cook, friends and laughter. A Minnesota girl married to a native Nebraskan. Mother of two boys, most of the time barely keeping it together while running her business, Blush Bridal Boutique.

Latrice Ingram

Public school teacher turned homemaker. Three children, one husband, a bun in the oven, and several of her daughter’s imaginary pets. Blogging  about faith, family, food and education. You can find her blogging at Blessed and Blogging.

Kathy Jacobitz

Wife, mother of four, city girl turned farm girl, former high school teacher, current homeschooling mama. In process. Runs solely on coffee. You can find her blogging at The J Crew .

Cat Koehler

Mother of two, the wife of an introvert, and a friend to many. She works full time outside of the house for sanity’s sake, but still manages to get dinner on the table most nights. She’s known for her strong opinions and quick wit, but she’s loved for her loud laugh and amazing cheesecakes.

Cari McCullough

Stay-at-home mom of 3 kids. She enjoys baking and cooking, crafts, church activities, singing and her newest adventure, blogging! Just a regular mom trying her best to raise the three gifts she’s been given.

Erin Ruskamp

Wife to an amazing man for over 9 years. Mother to three boys, two here and her youngest son waits for her on the other side in his eternal home. She enjoys reading, bible studies, social time with friends, sharing pieces of her life with others, being a mother and wife, all while having fun.

Nicole Webb

Texas native who followed her Veteran Husband back to his home own in Nebraska. A first-time Stay-at-home mom to a spunky toddler. She’s a DIY enthusiast, & Lifestyle blogger. You can find her blogging at www.weavingourwebb.com



Veronica Daehn Harvey

A former Omahan, Veronica Daehn Harvey lives in western Colorado with her husband and three children. She likes acoustic guitars, red wine, yoga, great writing and good friends. You can find her writing at Single Mom with Love.  

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