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It’s been roughly 6 years since I’ve had my last baby (before the twins). And my how things have changed.

First of all no one told me about these blue strips on diapers that told when they are wet. What?! Where was that last time? I always used the tried and true “if it’s weighting your kid down and they are falling backwards” method of changing diapers. But I digress.

There has been so much to learn, again, since we’ve welcomed our twins 7 months ago. There’s also been a lot to be thankful for, not only that we’ve done this before, but also that I’m old and my give a crap card has somewhat been revoked.

Here are a few things I am thankful for, being an older, somewhat seasoned mom.

  • You don’t care how your babies got here, just that they did. Let me preface by saying I was able to have the twins “The old fashioned way,” but because they were 6 weeks early we had to spend a couple of weeks in the NICU. You know what? I was open to however they would get here. We almost lost our fist child at birth. I remember thinking of all the time I spent, prior to his birth, creating the ‘perfect’ birthing plan. Fast forward 10 years and there was so much freedom in being open to however my babies got here. While there’s absolutely nothing wrong with having a preference or methods and ideologies, there is tremendous freedom in knowing however your babe gets here doesn’t define you as a mother. Ever. I just knew I was going to be getting those hospital ice chips either way. Score.
  • You don’t care what method you use to get your baby to sleep. I remember meeting with other young mothers and the debates, ohhhh the debates, about which method…Babywise…Feber… to get a baby to sleep. And no matter who you talk to, they were always sure there method is guaranteed to get a baby to sleep, after all, it worked for them. After bringing home our twins let me tell you a tried and true method that worked for us, Whatever the heck works. Making all sleeping precautions of course, we did whatever we had to do. And you know what? They eventually slept through the night. And I didn’t worry if we would get there, I knew we would, and am thankful for those late night cuddles.
  • Breast, bottle, or both, who cares. Feeding twins is whole other level of survival let me tell you for the record. With my previous children I was able to breastfeed but I often sacrificed my sanity to do so. After all, isn’t that the best? Not always. I am absolutely pro breastfeeding. All of my previous babies self weaned. But with the twins? I tried to nurse them and found out that was all I could be doing. I decided to pump and feed my babies. And you know what? That was ok. When I needed to supplement I did, and now the twins do a mix of both. It is ok. I’m thankful to be seasoned and older and realize that how I feed my baby doesn’t define me as a mother. The twins are happy and healthy and that is all that matters.
  • Having older kids is the best. One of my biggest fears with my older kids was that they would resent the babies for ‘slowing down’ our lives. I had no idea how much they would enjoy having the babies. Don’t get me wrong, we’ve had to have a number of family meetings where we’ve shared frustrations about things, but overall, my kids cannot get enough of them. It has been a joy to watch my kids learn about babies in a way they would have never if I hadn’t had these babies later in life.
  • You don’t need to hang out with everyone in the same stage as you. Again, let me preface by saying hanging out with anyone has been difficult to navigate, but I don’t have this burning desire to keep my social groups to only women who are in the same stage as me. In retrospect I think we all need a great deal of validation when we start this new amazing journey of motherhood, and women who are in the same stage are the sometimes the best encouragement in that season. But sometimes not. Sometimes it can end up a competition, of who’s baby is sleeping through the night, who’s baby is still nursing, who’s baby just got accepted into college. There’s freedom in knowing, as you get older, we all have no idea what we are doing {I mean really, if we’re honest} but we can enjoy what each person brings to the table. Whether they’re single, married, no kids, a million kids, public schooled or homeschooled, we all have things to offer each other and I’m so thankful to be older and realize a difference in what you do doesn’t invalidate what I do and vice versa. I’m so thankful to be able to see people as they are, not just the choices they make. And also there’s not a big niche playdate market for homeschooling mamas of 4 with baby twins. Just saying.

The twins have been the most amazing gift. All of my kids are. I’m just thankful I’m older {and like to pretend wiser} to enjoy how fast this all really goes.

If I can encourage you mamas in anyway, hear this, enjoy your babies. Each one is a gift and a miracle. Don’t let your expectations and outside pressure rob you of your joy. This joy! Take it from a mom who fell into all possible joy stealing traps. There is joy, hope and freedom in this beautiful calling of motherhood. Don’t wait until you’re old…er to realize it. 😉

Wife, mother of six, city girl turned farm girl, in process.
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