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Do you ever have those moments, those days, those times when you have reached your limit? You have taken everything on that you can possibly take and you are just done.

You have given all you can give

Taken all you can take

Parented as much as  you can parent

Worked as much as you can work

Spoused as much as you can spouse

And you need a break… I can't People today

What do you do to recharge your batteries? What fills your bucket? What do you do JUST FOR YOU? Are you drawing a blank? If so, we need to fix that. Immediately.

In this day and age of instant information and being connected to the world at all times I’ve noticed I reach my limit a little faster than before. When I realize I am getting edgy, antsy, growly, owly or (whatever you’d like to call it) there are a few things that help.

1) Space. I need to set my phone down, get away from people and just have quiet. Even a few minutes of this can help. If physically getting away is impossible then make sure all the littles are safe and step out your front door for a few breaths. Walk barefoot in your yard, go into another room…anything helps reset.

2) Travel. Go out and see the world. Take your kids or don’t. I’m a big fan of adult only vacations with my husband every few years. Of course a tropical beach vacation is ideal however even a short weekend away or having kids stay with family for a weekend does wonders. It is great to just circle the wagons and unplug for a stretch.

3) Exercise. I’ll admit-I hate it. I hate it with the fire of a thousand suns but it is also one hour a day that I don’t have to decide what to do. I show up (that is the hardest part), my coach tells me what to do, I do it and then I go home. I can either think about things or not think about things. It is my hour…just mine. If my body changes-great. If not-my mind always does.

4) Friends. I have the best group of girl friends. They are small but mighty. I know if I ever needed anything from any one of these ladies I’d get it. Even through busy schedules, crazy lives and a million sporting events it is imperative to have a tribe of friends to lean on. There is something magical about a cocktail, a laugh and a little conversation with one of my besties that cures most things.

I think resetting you mind, refilling your bucket and recharging your batteries is key to successful “adulting.”

What do you do to fill your bucket? We’d love to hear your thoughts!

Natalie, Celeste and Kim are the authors of the award winning book, It’s Really 10 Months: Delivering the truth about the glow of pregnancy and other blatant lies. Check out their blog or other social media connections below!

Natalie, Celeste and Kim are the award winning authors of the book, ‘It’s Really 10 Months: Delivering the Truth About the Glow of Pregnancy and Other Blatant Lies. They all have husbands, kids, jobs, and crazy lives. They would love to connect with you at www.itsreally10months.com.

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