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Are Coupons Making You Fat?

Using coupons is a great way to save money on grocery bills, but it can be tempting to stock your shelves with unhealthy items that may not be the best choice for your family.

I’ve recently heard some people say they don’t clip coupons because they’re only for processed foods. That is not true. There are ways to find  coupons for fresh produce, fresh meat, healthy options and gluten-free or sugar-free diets. They’re out there, you just have to find them.

Because of our fast-paced lifestyles, there are a lot of foods on the market that are prepackaged and chock full of sodium and sugar. These foods can also be high in preservatives, saturated fats and poor quality carbohydrates.

Be Careful What You Clip

There are many foods that I find coupons for quite often. Refrigerated cinnamon rolls, sugary cereals and bite-sized candies are common in newspaper coupon inserts and on printable coupon websites.

If you have coupons with you and happen to find a sale on something sugary, I know it can be tempting! I find myself asking, “Is this something I would normally buy or do I want to buy it just because it is cheap?” That tends to help me make the correct choices.

We all know that just about everything is fine in moderation, but if every meal that you serve your family is an easy to make, all-in-one box or canned kind of food, that is not good nutrition. It is tempting and possible to buy dozens of boxes of prepackaged meals and fill your pantry after spending very little money. It is also possible to fill your freezer with frozen pizzas for only a few dollars, but it is not healthy if it is your only source for dinner night after night.

Nutritionists and doctors tell us that these things are okay once in a while, but if it is all you buy for your family and offer to them, it can lead to health issues.

As bargain hunters, sometimes deals can blind us, causing us to forget what foods we’re putting in our family’s mouths.

Find The Products You Love

If you look around and do research, you’ll find many coupons for items that are full of nutrition, even organic. Just by looking this weekend, I found many items in my local newspaper coupon inserts that are healthy and full of nutrition for our families.

I clipped coupons that are great for school lunches, like applesauce (which you can buy unsweetened), whole wheat crackers, and fresh bread (you can choose whole wheat). These are the types of products that if you have enough coupons, they’re a good idea to stockpile in your pantry when you can buy them at a good price.

Another source for coupons, especially for organic products and fresh product, is the internet. I have liked the companies that distribute and produce my favorite products, such as Earthbound Organic and Stonyfield. They offer coupons monthly, some new ones are even offered daily.

You can also find your favorite food companies on Facebook or follow them on Twitter. Sometimes companies will offer coupons to their followers on social media or alert them to other specials.

Watch For Special Sales

Around the beginning of the year, grocery store chains tend to offer sales on items that are healthier. These low-fat, low-sugar or whole wheat products are great for people looking to get healthy or lose weight in the new calendar year.

Certain grocery store chains will offer discounts on health food on a specific day each week. Be sure to ask your local grocer is they have a program like that. Sometimes these kinds of sales are not advertised or marketed as much as the regular weekly bargains.

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  1. What great suggestions! I must confess that I bought Ben & Jerry’s ice cream the other day because it was a bargain. That is fine on occasion, but I know that I feel better when I stock up on items that are healthier. Contacting specific companies for coupons is also a great suggestion.

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