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Halloween party games for the classroom



Are you in charge of the Halloween party for your child’s classroom? Want to throw the most epic Halloween party ever? Between the three of us over at It’s Really 10 Months, we have 10 kids – ya know what that means? Lots of Halloween classroom parties. Below we posted seven different ideas to help entertain the little monsters and have them cheering for more.

Younger grades:

Pumpkin Bowling: Cover about nine 2 liter bottles with decorative Halloween paper or turn nine paper towel rolls into ghosts by putting black construction paper eyes and mouths on them. Set them up like bowling pins. Use a small, very round pumpkin, with no stem, as your bowling ball.

Pumpkin Roll: Set-up a starting line and a finish line. Divide the class into two teams. Set two pumpkins, stems removed, on their sides at the start and have the students line up behind them. At “Go,” each pair of students uses brooms to propel the pumpkins over the finish line. First team done, wins!


Older grades:

Meet the Monster: Play a form of Halloween Taboo by giving students a card with a monster name and words they can’t use to describe themselves. For example, the WITCH card could exclude the words BROOM and WART. The student would then describe a witch using any other words. Include 2 words for 4th grade and an additional word for each additional grade. This can be played in small groups as a competition or with the whole class.

Witches Stew: Cut out 2×2 squares of black, white, purple and orange construction paper. Cut out a couple Halloween shapes (bat, pumpkin, ghost, witch hat, etc) for examples. Give each child a plastic straw and a few (5-10) squares of various colored paper and have them cut shapes and keep them at their desk. In the front of the room, have a large bowl and have each child come up front with their cut shapes and their straw. Have them try to get their shapes into the large bowl by using the straw as a vacuum.


Any age:

Donut on a String: Hang a donut on a string from each child’s desk – make sure the string isn’t too long – you don’t want the donut touching the floor! At the signal (whatever signal you decide – maybe at the start of a fun Halloween song like Monster Mash) have the kids try to eat the donuts without using their hands! Make sure to have your camera ready!

Self-inflating Ghosts: You need an empty water bottle, vinegar, baking soda, sharpie and a white balloon. Draw eyes and a mouth on the balloon and put a Tablespoon of baking soda in the balloon. In the empty water bottle, put 1/2 cup vinegar. Attach the balloon to the top of the water bottle and hold the balloon up so the baking soda drops into the vinegar. Then just sit back and watch the balloon inflate! (courtesy of mamasmiles.com)

Mummy Wrap: Create a ‘race track’ in the classroom. On one end of the track, using two or three teams of two children, give each team one roll of toilet paper or paper towels. Start playing a fun Halloween song (Thriller, Ghostbusters or something similar) and they have to wrap their partner with the toilet paper/paper towels. They must use the whole roll. Once the whole roll is used, the “mummy” must hop to the end of the ‘race track’ and whoever gets their first, wins!

Halloween party games for the classroom

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