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Does anyone else ever experience those moments of peace? You know, where you feel like everything is going to be okay?

Like you’re not drowning in spit up and breast milk and applesauce and pigtails and bows and school forms and soccer/football/baseball jerseys and laundry. I could go on, but I know you understand. Motherhood is hard some days, and peaceful is not a word that comes to mind too often.

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But occasionally, I get a reprieve.  I’m just going to call them moments of “Mommy Clarity”.

I had one the other night. My husband is finishing up his Master’s degree. In an effort to still spend time with the kids, he does homework after they go to bed.

This leaves me to run around like a mad woman catching up on projects (or drinking wine on the couch while trying to forget about all of those projects).

Tonight was a combo night: covering books for the school library while watching a movie all while sitting on the couch sipping wine. (Pretty impressive, I know!)

It was a movie about a group of moms going out for a night away from the stresses of their lives and things don’t go as planned.

Pretty much like every moment of motherhood, right?!

What really stuck with me, though, were some things said at the end of this movie. These quotes gave me some “mommy clarity”.

“I doubt the Good Lord made a mistake giving your kids the mommy He did. So you just be you. He’ll take care of the rest.”

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WOW. There are times when I feel like an epic failure while trying to raise some kind of human that will grow out of this terror stage into a functioning adult? I thought it was only me?!?!

Here’s another great one:

“I’m right where God wants me to be and He has given me everything I need to be a mom. I’m a mess, but I’m a beautiful mess. I’m his masterpiece and that’s enough.”

Ummm… seriously, was this written specifically for me??

I have to realize I’m a mess, a beautiful mess, and to be an example to all of my kids that it’s okay to fail, to be broken, to not be like someone else. God’s grace is a beautiful thing.

Also, God has give me everything I need to be a mom. He may not have given me the same things as the mom at the gym I admire, or the one at school drop-off who seems to have everything figured out, but I am fully equipped to do this mom thing exactly how He wants me to do it.

There is no one perfectly right way to do this life we’re given.


This day is a GIFT. If everyone did mommyhood exactly the same that would be pretty terrible.

We’re each given different gifts and talents and opportunities in this life. Why don’t we start embracing them? Why don’t I spend a little less time (ok, a LOT less time) comparing myself to every other mom I see and focus on my own family?

Why don’t I try and get to know that mom and learn from her experiences instead of feeling like a failure for not doing everything the same way?

I am a mess and a constant work in progress but I hope that as long as I have a few moments of “mommy clarity” every now and then and a whole lot of God’s help, I can keep doing what I’m called to do: be exactly the mommy that I’m created to be.

Stay-at-home mom of 3 kids. She enjoys baking and cooking, crafts, church activities, singing and her newest adventure, blogging! Just a regular mom trying her best to raise the three gifts she’s been given.
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